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I Think I Lack Logic

Reason #23 for Why Alanna HATES Forensics:

It makes it damn near impossible to register for any classes necessary for her major, knowing that on at least four occasions (and possibly more) anything after 12 PM Thursday is iffy, Fridays are out altogether, and Monday mornings really aren't feasible...

Also, she doesn't think, "Hi! I know the semester is only 16 weeks long, and that means we'll have at most 16 to 32 classes, but I can tell you RIGHT NOW I will not be there for 1/4 to 1/8 of them. The days I miss will most like be labs, presentations, and/or exams. But it's EXCUSED because I'm on the forensics team!" will go over so well.

So, what does she intend to do about it? Why, bitch, of course. And continue to speak and write in the third person. And then, eventully, decide stay with forensics and either A) not register for all (or even many...) of those silly required classes and be a student for-EV-ver because she can only take 9 psych units a semester, or B) sign up for the classes, never show up, and incurr wrath.

Funny how forensics, something that is not even a possible minor for me, takes priority over EVERYTHING ELSE IN MY LIFE.... Stupid debate. Stupid debate that has taken over my life and that I hate and that makes me cry more than anything else but that I somehow can't give up.

You know what this is? This is sick.

But also? Little bit awesome.

I don't know why. It just is.
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